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Posted by Hube on April 15, 2003 at 13:12:16:
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: First off, thanks for the suggestion on tying into the main line. Secondly, are there some tricks to getting water out of the line so I can solder? Ive heard heating the line in another location so to draw the water away from where you're working. ANy other good tricks that you can suggest?

: : EIther use a three piece union, (it is better since it can be loosened if you have a leak when the pressure is restored), or a regular sized coupling wihout a stop.

: : : I've just framed my basement bathroom and have ran all hot and cold lines. I am at the point where I'm going to tie into my main lines w/ copper T fittings. Since the pipe is rigid I'm assuming it won't move enough to slide the copper-T into place. Is there a way to easily do this or a fitting I can purchase that will make this easy (I was thinking something like an extra long coupling w/ no stoppers on the inside)???

: : : Thanks for any advice - Jeff

JEFF; To solder when there is a little moisturein pipe ,try stuffing a slice of BREAD a few inches from the joint. This will asorb moisture ,and when you turn water on the bread will disinegrate and come out the tap. ( no crust). Hope this helps you, it's helped me several times. Hube

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