Re: Hot water gone after a few minutes
Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 13, 2003 at 22:33:18:
In response to Re: Hot water gone after a few minutes
: One of the elements is burned out, probably the top one.

I don't know why Gary and hj are presuming this is an electric heater. If so you need an amprobe to identify an element or thermostat. It is not true that if the upper element is out you have no hot water. The lower element does 3/4" of the work.
I presume it is a gas water heater and that the shortage of water is from faulty dip tube. This tube inside the heater channels the incoming cold water to the bottom. There was a class action settlement which has expired on dip tubes. Disconnect the inlet side and see if you have a 3 to 4 foot long plastic tube.

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