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Posted by hj on April 13, 2003 at 21:04:25:
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If you are modifying the existing vents and not talking about some new ones you want to install, then the vents out the roof have to equal the area of the house sewer, (4" pipe). In that case, a 2" pipe is only a quarter the size of a 4" one.

: I live in city that uses 1995 international plumbing code. I want to upgrade bathroom and limit vents running through roof. Currently have tub, WC, sink, and shower with one 4 inch and one 1.5 inch vent. From what I've found on internet I think I can use one 2inch vent (half the size of the 4 inch house drain). If trap distance to vent doesn't exceed 5 ft. for a 1.5 inch trap/drain; 6 ft. for a 2 inch trap/drain; and 10 ft for a 3 inch trap/drain. Am I looking at this correctly? I need a new roof this summer and went to limit number of vent pipes. Thanks.

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