Re: How do you know if your ejector pump is working?
Posted by Larry on April 13, 2003 at 20:41:45:
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Thanks for the insight. The inspector claims that it does operating at all. My original thought was ejector pumps are like sump pumps and they either work or they don't and you will know if they aren't working as you will be standing in water or sewage.

Thanks again and I will follow-up with the inspector.


: IF it works the toilets will flush. If it doesn't you wade in water. That does not mean it is working perfectly, however. What, specifically, did they say was wrong with it? Normally repairing is not an option, since it requires that you function without a pump for days or weeks. You get no, or limited, warrantee on the repair. And it can be somewhat expensive.

: : Terry,

: : We recently had our home inspected by a potential buyer and they claimed that our ejector pump was not working. Before I call a professional in is there an easy way to check if it is working? If it is not working wouldn't we see sewage backup? One other question, if we need it checked/repaired who do we call?

: : Thanks.

: : Larry

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