Re: See if you can answer this???
Posted by Terry Love on April 12, 2003 at 23:13:08:
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If you have low pressure on one side of the valve, it will balance the other side down to match.
You may have debries in the line preventing full flow.
Backflushing may be needed.
Terry Love

: I installed a Moen Positemp in my shower about 5 years ago. Our city water presure is very good and there didn't seem to be much presure through this new faucet. I removed the cartridge and cleaned it several times, I finally got it to work right. About once a year, I would have to remove the cartridge and clean it to get the water preasure back. I done this recently and the cartridge started leaking. I replaced the cartridge and now the new one has no pressure what so ever. I have tried cleaning, greasing, and even changed some of the parts with the old cartridge, but still half the preasure I should have. At one point I was able to get decent presure, but I ran water at the sink when the shower was on and the presure went away and will not ocme back. At this point, I am stumped and wish I have never installed this type of faucet.

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