Re: Issue with Cast Iron sewer system under the slab
Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 12, 2003 at 22:03:19:
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: If you have a "house trap" which would be a "U" fitting outside the house, it would retain water since that is its purpose. Unless there are some other signs of a problem there is no reason to assume the pipe under the house is defective.

: : I am buying a new home, during the property inspection inspector found out that the sewer pipe is connected to Public sewer system using a U cast iron pipe that goes under the basement slab.

: : At the clean outs (connecting U pipe to public sewer pipe) their is water retention, inspector believes that their is a water retention under the slab and I may have a bad cast iron pipe which can leak anytime soon.

: : My question is what is the approximate cost of fixing such a problem, I understand that it depends on the concrete area and other factors. Also what is the probability of cast iron pipe going bad?

: : House is 27-year-old house.

: : Thanks

Cast iron does go bad and we do have to cut the basement floors and replace it with plastic. I agree with hj about the trap. A camera job would let you know if they are available where you are.
If I replace about 20' pipe the concrete cutting and removing runs about $350. and replacing the concrete about the same. Plumbing runs from $300. to $500. It's about a $1,000. to $1,500.00 job.

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