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Posted by hj on April 09, 2003 at 08:56:14:
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The threads cannot strip, but the fitting can be cracked. If you solder it, then you cannot also use a thread sealant of any kind. All threads are tapered whether it specifies it or not, unless the connection has a gasket or other means of sealing. The plumber grade faucets either do not have threaded connections or have a dual slip solder/threaded one so we do not have to decide whether to solder the thread.

: I have installed an American Standard "Standard Collection" bath/shower faucet and now have a slow leak (one drip every fifteen minutes) at the cold water inlet connection. The other connections are fine. I remember when I screwed on the male adapter to the faucet that one connection felt like it "slipped" and seemed to screw on further than the others. Can these threads strip? They seem too coarse to strip at the torque I was applying. Could overtightening cause a hairline crack in the faucet? It seems it would leak more than it is if either of these things happened. Is it "normal" that one connection might screw on further (a full turn or two) than others? Could the heat from sweating the rest of the installation cause the teflon tape to melt and create a leak?

: The old faucet I removed had threaded connections and it was soldered too. Is soldering a threaded connection just an extra precaution and do you still use teflon tape when sweating a threaded connection? Do you recommend sweating a threaded connection?

: My first step is to disconnect at a 90 elbow and then just tighten the faucet connection a little to see if that stops the leak but I am trying to find out a few things before I proceed so I may look at other possibilities and reduce the number of times I have to resolder the system. I installed a Moen shower faucet in the other bathroom with teflon tape and threaded connections (no soldering at the threads) with no problems. This faucet mentioned tapered threads and I am wondering if they are handled differently.

: Thanks

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