Blocked Air Vent for Kitchen Sink
Posted by Stephen on April 08, 2003 at 17:50:19:
The double kitchen sink does not drain. It takes approx. 1 gallon of water before the water backs up into both sinks. I have used a 20ft snake, various drain chemicals, to no effect. Also, have used a plunger, where I sucked up 50 acorns, into sink trap. A friend told me to check air vent on roof. So far, I have removed about 2ft 6" of acorns from air vent on roof. Using a steel wire, and power drill to loosen. Then using tubular pipe to trap acorns into pipe, and remove. I think I still have about 2 ft left before clearing pipe.

Once the air vent pipe is clear, should that solve the draine problem?. Or do I need to look elswhere for blockage. My Friend alo told me, that all drainage pipes lead into one main pipe then to septic tank.

I come from Australia, this is all a new thing for me,where air vents and water drainage pipes work together. We don't have such things "Down Under".

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