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Posted by dave on April 07, 2003 at 18:20:21:
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: Unless you are just going to have a toilet and wash basin, you will still have to tear up the floor for the tub/shower.

: : I am adding a bathroom to my remodeled (in progress) basement. The sewer connections are below floor level so I don't have to pump the waste up any. There are relatively low ceilings; however, so rather than building up a platform for a bottom waste feed or tearing up the concrete I'm looking for a reasonable alterative. I've doing some research and have found several mentions to wall-mounted toilets, but I'm wary of the high cost of this type of installation (400-600 w/mounting hardware). This is almost half of what I intended to spend for the whole bathroom.

: : Am I really being that much of a cheapskate, when a decent quality regular toilet only runs $150-200? What about floor mounted back flush toilets? Are these any cheaper? Pros & Cons?

: : This is a project I'd like to finish this summer and I don't want to do any more construction till I get this issue worked out. Any help is appreciated.
I am doing my basement this vey moment, and rented a jackhammer and busted up the floor. probably took out about twelve feet of floor, one foot out, along the wall to get to the main line. it's a work out but well worth it in my opinion. I am figuring $200 -$250 for the rough in, pipe,jackhammer,fittings,sand to fill in the trench, and concrete to go back over. One thing you will have to do is get the shower, as the drains are not a standard distance from the wall. hope this helps, feel free to e-mail if any questions.

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