Re: leaking tub/shower "single handle" faucet
Posted by Danny on April 06, 2003 at 23:17:14:
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: I have same problem. In absence of instruction sheet, how is core/stem removed for replacement?

: Thanks. (PS: I think Moen is a division of Stanadyne)

: fp

: : Stanodyne is Moen. I do not know how tightening the handle could stop a leak, but the normal repair is to replace the core/stem.

: : : Terry Love,

: : : we have a leaky bathtub faucet. The splash "shield over the pull handle says "standyne" on it but it looks like moen type hardware. I've this this problem before in other homes and usually I just remove the cap over the central screw in the pull handle and tighten it and the leaking stops. But in this case that does not work. The type of hardware is the kind that is controlled by pulling a single knob to regulate water flow and turn to the left for hot and right for cold. Any advice on how to correct the problem short of calling a plumber in?

: : : thanks

My parents have a leaking shower faucet, I think it is American Std. It is a dual handle type. Problem we are having is trying to get the faucet handle off to replace the core. Any ideas? We have removed the screw but the handle won't budge!

Thanks in advance

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