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Posted by Paul on April 06, 2003 at 21:35:01:
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I had the same type of toilet in a home that I lived in and I also had the toilet handle break on me. What I did was I bought an antique looking toilet handle, where there was a steel shaft that was inserted into the hole in the tank. There was a bolt that anchored it to the porcelian. Then the handle screwed into the steel shaft, and the lever attached to the handle part inside of the tank. Worked perfectly. The handle cost about $20.00.

Here's a handle similiar to the one that I installed on Ebay. Bid on it!

Happy Flushing

: I have a pre1970 crane drexel toilet whose handle-flusher assembly broke. The hole for receiving a replacement is round with a notch. The new flusher handle assemblies have a square fitting which of course does not fit the round notched hole in the porceline tank. Any advice as to where I could find a proper replacement for the handle and flush rod?

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