Replace/Upgrade Galv pipes
Posted by Scott on April 03, 2003 at 22:29:10:
I have a newer 1" copper main coming into the home and it is reduced at the meter to 5/8. Water pressure at a crappy 40psi. Currently, the pipe runs 3/4 in the basement until it breaks out to the upstairs, water heater and kitchen at 1/2, some copper, some galv. I am re-running the pipes to the second floor and I am wondering if I can overcome some of the friction loss by upgrading the pipe after the meter to 1" copper and branching off CPVC to the fixtures upstairs. My question is, at what points do I need to reduce the size of the pipe ? After/before a significant rise in elevation. After splitting out the the kitchen sink, water spigots, and water heater (water heater will be kept as copper as feed and for the first 12" after exiting the heater) ?

I would like to bring the 1" across the basement and split off to 3/4 to feed upstairs and 3/4 into the heater. 1/2 to the spigots and 1/2 to the kitchen sink. Am I missing something or am I right on track ?

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