Vikrell tub
Posted by TTA on April 02, 2003 at 13:26:59:
I am installing a Vikrell tub. I have installed cement board for tile and am planning on installing the tub on top of the cement board and the tile up to the edge of the tub. My problem is that the cement board is low about 1/4" in one corner. I have read about placing the tub in a bed of motar but the tub has two triangular shape reinforcements that lay flat and attach the side of the tub to the legs and I am afraid the mortar would interfere with this reinforcement. The low side is on the opposite (far) side of the reinforcements so I could try and only place mortar on that half of the tub. I am considering placing a metal plate of some sort that would span all the legs and reinforcements and put this plate in a thin bed of mortar level. My simplest route would be just to shim the one or two low legs except that I don't have access while the tub is in place.

Does anyone familiar with this type tub have any ideas for best results?

I actually have limited access to one low leg through the drain cutout and have made the tub level but I am not positive all the other legs are touching down. If the tub seems stable and level would it be safe to proceed ? I can't imagine that any center leg would be farther than an 1/8" off the floor so would that amount of possible "give" when filled with water be acceptable or how in the heck can I be sure other than continuous trial and error.


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