Re: sound of water running wall
Posted by PW on April 01, 2003 at 13:51:20:
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Personally, I would not sit back and wait. You may try turning off the water to your house and see if the noise goes away. If it does I would start isolating water lines to see where the noise stops. Are you on a slab? Toilet not adjusted right, or defective, with water level above the overflow? Water pipes can carry sound quite a distance.

I just had some tennants who heard water running for some time. They finally told me when the ceiling fell on the bed. Turned out to be a pin hole in a pipe.


: I can hear the slight sound of water running in the wall behind the fixtures on my shower/tub. There are no signs of water outside the house along the foundation or in the yard. I can even access the rear of my other tub in a connecting bathroom and see no water undernearth it.
: I can only access the back of this tub by tearing into the wall. Where can the water be draining to? I am planning on tearing into it when I get home in an hour or so. Thanks.

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