Basement Remodel
Posted by Jason D. Price on March 31, 2003 at 02:19:31:
I am adding a bathroom to my remodeled (in progress) basement. The sewer connections are below floor level so I don't have to pump the waste up any. There are relatively low ceilings; however, so rather than building up a platform for a bottom waste feed or tearing up the concrete I'm looking for a reasonable alterative. I've doing some research and have found several mentions to wall-mounted toilets, but I'm wary of the high cost of this type of installation (400-600 w/mounting hardware). This is almost half of what I intended to spend for the whole bathroom.

Am I really being that much of a cheapskate, when a decent quality regular toilet only runs $150-200? What about floor mounted back flush toilets? Are these any cheaper? Pros & Cons?

This is a project I'd like to finish this summer and I don't want to do any more construction till I get this issue worked out. Any help is appreciated.

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