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Address : No. 456 Dar Diann Rd., Yuan Py Li, Homei Town, Chang Hua, Taiwan, R. O. C. Tel : 886-4-7578722 Fax : 886-4-7570506
Email : Date :28 March 2003

It��s Precious... (Water)... Save it for our Future
Dear Sir,
We are manufacturer of New Improve bubble-flow and spray-flow aerator. Our products own many patents and fully tested. It reduces water consumption by mixing more air with your Water. You won��t even notice any difference in water pressure; you may wind up with a more consistent, steady stream then old low-flow aerator...
Features of our products:

Key Features

We carry male, female or Dual Threaded. With Excellent stream quality.
Available configurations: 0.5, 1.0 GPM at 80psi special design for public faucet. 1.5, 2.0 and 2.2 GPM at 80psi special design for Kitchen and bathroom use. We also carry the faucet with the Tamper Resistant Aerator. Our products save 80.4% to 93% of water consumption.

We strongly believe that our product and service will assist you to greater sales performances and more profit making for your company.

Sincerely Yours

Luke Chen

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