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Posted by Ned Towle on March 30, 2003 at 08:19:36:
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Hello--I would like to make this observation--If you wish to use the davies type pump it should have been explained to you that the pressure from the city 30-will be added to the pressure the pump can produce--Thus if the 30 from the city is added to say 60 from the pump you get 90 psi--This is a violation of the plumbing code-- You need not simply add a cut-off switch --This could burn out your pump--unless you have it constructed with a bladder tank. Try installing a pressure reducing valve set at 60- or 70 psi. this could help. Other wise send the pump back and start ofve. This time find help from a company willing to ask the right questions before you buy with your hard earned cash.
Ned: Does the Davey pump have a pressure switch and compression tank? If the answer to either is no, then it is not the right pump for that application. A pressure tank just stores the existing pressure it cannot raise the pressure higher than the city pressure.

: : Hi I just found this site. Very informative.

: : #1 My municipal water pressure is only 30psi. I purchased a Davey pressure boosting pump, which kicked it up to 95psi, which is to much. The Davey pump apparently does not have an adjustment to shut off the pump at the desired pressure. I am considering installing a in-line pressure cut off switch which is preset to shut the power feed off at 60psi. Is this the right way to solve this issue?

: : #2 Could I of solved my low pressure problems by simply installing a well-trol pressure tank?

: : Thanks, Todd

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