Re: foot lock bathtub drain
Posted by Jill on March 29, 2003 at 23:29:53:
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Thank you hj. Your advice is sound

: If you have no overflow, then you got a very poor reline. The drain has to be snaked through the overflow opening and if you were to plunge the drain, because the old overflow fitting is still behind the tub but not sealed, the plunged water would leak inside the wall. At this point, you have a very bad situation, and if the reliners are still in business, they might be able to come back, and locate the overflow opening, and cut it out, and replace the overflow plate to make a proper seal.
: : : : I had my bathtub relined a while back. They replaced my trip lever drain with a foot lock type one. My drain is very slow and while the commercial drain openers arent working well I thought maybe I need the pipe snaked but cannot remove the stopper. Anyone know how to remove it?

: : : When a tub needs to be snaked it is done from the over flow opening not the drain opening.

: : But I have no overflow opening now..... I've tried turning while pushing the stopper and pulling while turning it. still it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything to it. It just doesn't make sense to me that it wouldn't come out. what if it needed to be replaced?

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