Re: Removing vanity-adding pedestal sink
Posted by Dan on March 28, 2003 at 12:57:13:
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Hi Sandra,

If your supply and waste pipe all go into the wall you will have a much easier time than we did in our house. They pipes being wider than the pedistal will make working on things easier. As well as make it look a lot better to.

Yes you most definatly want to tile the entire floor. You don't want to have to fit tiles around the base. Also, if you ever had to replace the sink odds are the new pedistal wouldn't fit in the hole in the tile.

I don't know what brand of sink you are getting, most come with good installation instructions. I was on the Crane plumbing website looking for specs for the toilet I was installing and saw they had a PDF file of instructions that did include their pedistal sink. Most would be similar.

It isn't a bad job. Go for it. Write back if you have any questions.


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