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Posted by Lee on March 28, 2003 at 12:11:40:
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: : These are called, Fernco couplers, and they're neophrene with stainless steel clamps. They will out last you.

: That is probably true, but I suspect the poster was referring to the Fernco rubber "fittings," which include various tee's, wye's, etc., rather than staright couplers... I suspect that these rubber fittings are also durable, but they are not always approved by the local authorities for permanent installation, especially in concealed locations. I use them mostly for remodel work in progress, where the homeowner is using the fixtures, but these need to be connected and disconnected during the remodel, i.e. as temporary drain connections, to be replaced by permanent drain fittings at the completion of the work.


I checked with my plumber. He confirmed that he is going to use Fernco Qwik Ell, which is an elbow looks like made of rubber. According to Fernco, it is made from flexible PVC.

He is going to connect a white PVC trap (and PVC extention leading to the tub) on one end; the other end is connected to the copper branch from the main drain.

That's exactly what my concern is if these thing are not designed for consealed locations for long period of time. I don't want to remove the tiles later because those fittings have to be replaced again.

Your advice will be really appreciated.


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