Hot water pressure problem
Posted by Nikki on March 28, 2003 at 12:00:47:

I have a problem with my hot water from all taps. It coughs and splutters, stops, starts again forcefully, coughs again and then calms down to a pathetic trickle with no pressure. So little pressure infact that it's easy to put my thumb over the tap and stop the water. I have tried forcing it back on itself by covering the tap, switching on the hot and then slowly switching on the mains cold, to push back the air which seems to be trapped in there. This is fine for a couple of days, and then the problem comes back.....I've been told it'll clear itself eventually, but it doesn't seem to be. There is no problem with the pressure coming from the cold water tank in my attic, only it seems, a problem with the water coming from the hot water tank to the taps! Any ideas? Would appreciate some help as it takes 2hours to fill the bath!

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