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Posted by Bronson Beisel on March 27, 2003 at 11:27:51:
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: I am thinking about pulling out my vanity and installing a pedestal sink. Has anyone done that and what were the pitfalls?

Pam - I've done this twice (but I am not a plumber - just a do-it-yourselfer). One of the factors that came into play with installing my first pedestal sink was making sure that there was a good solid piece of wood behind the drywall to install the mounting bolts for the sink. The particular models I used were more or less fastened to the wall. The majority of the weight did not seem to be on the pedestal itself.

If you don't have a 2x4 behind the wall where you will be installing the sink, you might be able to use some sort of toggle bolt that can hold the weight of the sink. I've seen toggle bolts that claim to be able to hold upwards of 100 - 150 pounds, so those might work in a hollow wall installation.

You also need to consider the current location of your supply and drain lines. Will they be "too viewable" when the pedestal sink is installed? I haven't run into that case yet. In the two cases I had, the pipes were not in a bad location, but I must admit that the supply lines were not "pretty." Although I was able to change the lines from the shut off valves to the sink itself so that they were nice enough to look at, the valve and the pipes that fed them were not nice to look at. Bu thankfully, we were able to spray paint them with a chrome paint, so they *did* look OK when we were done.

Good luck!

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