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Posted by Rughead on March 27, 2003 at 03:15:51:
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: : My toilet constantly condensates. What may be the cause of this problem and how might I fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

: Seth,
: I would check the flapper. A little food coloring in the tank water will show up leaks.
: Replacing the flapper will do it most times.
: When the tank holds water, then the "sweating" should stop. Terry

Seth, had the same problem for years in warm weather due to very cold household basement spring as main water source for the house causing ambient moisture to condense against the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl and tank. If this is your problem you'll notice a distinct "sweating" condensation line on the outside of the tank at the water level inside the tank. You know all this already? Swell. Use warm water to fill your toilet or do what my dad did for summers on end, wrap a towel around the base and wring it out regularly. That was until I got the bright idea to use a 50' coil of garden hose hidden in the bathroom closet to feed the toilet with ambient temp H2O. Simply connected one end to the regular toilet main feed and the other end to the toilet inlet. Needed some reduction fittings and couplers, but hey it worked. Cheers, Rug.

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