Re: Help! How do you dissolve/remove CPVC cement?
Posted by carl on March 23, 2003 at 17:42:52:
In response to Re: Help! How do you dissolve/remove CPVC cement?
: Try this:

: Cut the elbow off the pipe with a hacksaw - make sure you leave 3/4 inch. of the elbow on the pipe when you cut it (the glue joint part).

: Now, with a hacksaw blade or a "tiny tim", make a cut (perpendicular to the first one) on the thickness of the remainder of the elbow (without cutting the pipe). Make 4 cuts (at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'oclock on the pipe diameter).

: Now, wedge a flathead screwdriver in each cut and twist. If the joint is relatively fresh (1 to 2 days), the remainder elbow "ring" should snap off the pipe.

: Phew!!!! That was hard to put into words...

: HEY, yes exactly and then . . . get new fittings use pvc primer [not "cleaner"] to try to remove the cement. If this does not work, use a knife to pear off the cement so that just the pipe is exposed where the new joint will occur. Then reprime the pipe and fitting use an excessive amount of cement on the pipe and apply cement also to fitting. You will have to hold them in place for up to 2 minutes or lose all and start over.

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