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Posted by hj on March 23, 2003 at 09:22:23:
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You are asking for information in an e-mail that it takes plumbers months, if not years, to learn in order to do it correctly. I have seen DIY installations that "followed" the city's own drawings, that had to be completely redone because the installer did not understand the picture and interpreted it incorrectly. Without seeing your proposed installation it would be impossible to give you the necessary directions.

: I am remodeling and decided to install 2 new bathrooms and kitchen areas. There is no existing plumbing and will installing everything new.
: I've already busted concrete where I want my drains for the the bath/shower, and toilet areas, as well as trenched outside for a new sewer line.
: I need detailed information on the drainage and venting for toilet, bath/shower, and sinks, for the bath areas. I will tackle the kitchen later.
: can you help?

: Thanks
: Bobby

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