Re: Bathroom smells of urine even after wax ring replaced
Posted by LonnythePlumber on March 22, 2003 at 21:35:11:
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: : 25 year old house with ABS plumbing...had wax replaced and sealed bottom of toilet on floor. Floor is dry and no leaks. Vent in roof is clean and functioning.

: : Still has strong urine odor, even after cleaning, when used just once or twice.

: : ???? -help please
: How long befor you changed the wax did the smell exist? It could if the floor was saturated for a while the wood has taken on this odor. You should also check that the water level in the bowl is not getting "siphoned" and allowing sewer smell to come in. My guess would be after checking to see if no leaks would likely be the wood has asorbed odor. Hardware store has odor eliminators. , or scrub wood area and spray with laundry bleach for a few days Good luck ..Hube

Air will leak out where water doesn't. The toilet flange is supposed to be mounted on top of the finished floor. If the flooring is finished up to the flange instead of underneath it you could use two bowl waxes or there are plastic extension rings on the market now.

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