Shower Mixing Valve ?
Posted by Bill D on March 22, 2003 at 11:31:10:
HI and thanks for the responses-

Everything in the house worked before I started. I only turned off the main when I preformed the work. There is no hot water tank, the furnace does both. I soldered the connections and don't believe I got any where it doesn't belong. All the connections are per the instructions and nothing is crossed. I installed a Symmons shower/tub mixing valve at my parents a year ago and no problems at all. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the balancing control feature. When I first put it in and ran the water I had no hot water at the other faucets. I pulled the cartaridge and spun it 180 then I had hot water at the other faucets but the water at the tub was backwards(hot at cold setting and cold at hot). I've had the cartridge in and out several times trying different combos and I have nothing at the shower to speak of and no hot water at the other faucets. Could I have trapped air and how do I remove it from the drinking water(potable) side of the system. When I hold the supply lines in my hand right at the mixing valve the cold is cold and the hot side is warm. If I hold the hot supply line down farther it gets hotter. I replaced the cartridge with a new one and the same thing happens. Why do you think I have no hot water at the other taps? HELP please! Thanks again, Bill-

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