Renovation Questions
Posted by Brian on March 21, 2003 at 15:39:57:
I have questions about two renovation projects I'm considering in a co-op apartment I'm buying...

PROJECT 1: I'd like to move the kitchen. I'd be moving the water supply and drain stacks that feed to/from the apartments above me ~10 feet horizontally, and from there, I'd need to run about another 10' to get to where I want my new sink and dishwasher. I'll probably have a professional do the portion that would affect the other apartments, and I'll DIY the portion for my own kitchen. I've done some basic plumbing before, replacing sinks and installing dishwashers, but nothing quite this extensive. Any advice?

PROJECT 2: The apartment has baseboard heat in every room. The baseboard units are so long that they'll affect where I can place my wall unit and sectional couch. Is there another technology I can use instead? Is there some other device I can use instead? I spoke to a manufacturer about radiant floor heating, but he said he wouldn't recommend it with the 180-degree water that is probably running in my baseboards. What about radiators? Anything else I could consider? I don't want to use anything gas or electric, as the hot water is already included in my maintenance, so I don't want to raise my monthly costs.


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