Re: Replacements plumbing for AS Vent-Away toilets
Posted by Jack159 on March 20, 2003 at 11:48:11:
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Hrm, that seems like a rigged up patchwork fix. That may
work fine for a 2 piece toilet, but what about a 1 piece toilet?



: I just replaced the Rube Goldberg monstrosity (aka Vent Away, Ventilator Toilet) in a toilet here at work. It was actually pretty easy to do, once I figured it all out.

: Take out all the old hardware. You now have five holes in the bottom of the tank; one for the filler, one for the overflow, two for the bolts, and one extra for that ventilator contraption.

: Go to Home Depot and get a Fluidmaster complete kit - #400AK - as well as a couple of other items. One is a "test plug" (a rubber stopper with a screw running through it, and a wingnut on top) to fit the hole in the tank. The other is a sheet of rubber about 4 inches square. The kind of flat rubber stopper for a sink disposal is perfect. You may also need a tube of silicone sealant, if you don't already have some.

: Go back home. Clean the base of the toilet *very* well, where the tank sits on the base. Cut the rubber sheet to fit over the off-center hole towards the back. Put a healthy pair of rings of silicone around this hole, and apply the rubber sheet. Assemble the Fluidmaster kit into the tank. Now put the test plug into the one hole remaining that isn't for the screws.

: Follow the instructions you have seen elsewhere on this website for reassembling the screws, reconnect the water supply, and you're in business!

: Becca

: : I am not sure about numbers 1 and 2, since I have never had to do either. Depending on which Vent a way toilet you have, it may be possible to close the vent opening. I have done it with a 3/4" cap glued into the pipe after it was cut off.

: : : 3 questions re: Vent Away toilet
: : : 1) Are replacement parts available for the entire contents of the plumbing in the water closet. Approx.cost?

: : : 2) How difficult is it to remove and replace the vent-away water closet plumbing?

: : : 3) Could the internal vent away plumbing be replaced with simple plumbing of a regular toilet? Is it difficult to do?

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