Sewer Gas Smell Outside House
Posted by Kirk Maskalenko on March 19, 2003 at 19:22:24:
I put a contract on a year old house and noticed a strong odor of sewer gas outside the house during the home inspection. I have been to the house several times and never noticed any odor. This visit we did run several gallons of water through the system testing various fixures. Drain flow is fine. House is on a septic system and have a septic inspection scheduled later in the week.

After looking around on the net one cause for similar problems is from the vent stack. In looking at the house the vent is on the far side of the house where the odor was noticed. I did notice that the roof vent length appeared to be less than a foot in length. Roof height is at least 20 feet. Is there a general recommended length and does code require a certain minimum length? Is odor eminating from the vent a problem that can be corrected effectively?

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