Envirotech Tankless Hot Water heater (electric)
Posted by Micki on March 19, 2003 at 15:19:38:
I recently purchased a tankless hot water heater from Envirotech (a company located in Arizona). Envirotech asked me several questions about my condo before advising/recommending one of their products (the ESI 2000 4.8 model). I bought the product and arranged for the plumber and electrician to install it according to the installation instructions provided with the model. So far, I have had limited hot water. Envirotech (after 5 phone calls - involving the electrician and me) finally admitted there was a problem with one of the two circuit breakers provided. They have sent me another circuit breaker to install tonight.

I am hoping this will make the unit work properly. I am only able to get lukewarm water out of the unit now. I am hoping to get hot water out of it after this.

At present, I have spent over $870 on the unit alone and another $750 for the electrician and plumber. Also, I noticed my tub when the lever is pointed to the hot water selection, runs about 1/2 the flow of the cold water selection. It is only happening on the tub. Envirotech suggested I have the plumber come back into check the inflow sensor to make sure it isn't clogged. This doesn't make sense to me as the cold and hot water both run through the ESI 2000 - the only difference is the cold keeps on running through the model instead of stopping to get "heated". Am I being "hoodwinked"?