1/2 inch NPT
Posted by TTA on March 19, 2003 at 13:20:15:
My bathtub spout shows that it is 1/2 inch NPT and so is the faucet inlets and outlets. Do I simply use a 1/2 inch male adapter for these connections? I remodeled another bathroom with just a shower two years ago and I believe that is all I used for that faucet but this tub spout has about an inch of threads and the male adapter has only around half an inch so I am afraid it will bottom out before being watertight. Is their a special nipple for tub spouts or is a simple copper male adapter solder to the 1/2 inch copper from the faucet connection suffice? Also, I have heard concern about soldering to the faucet due to heat and the faucet's internals but I solder a short piece of cooper to the male adapter before I screw it in so there isn't much heat transferred to the faucet. Is this a good procedure and is there still enough heat transfer that I should remove the cartridge?

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