Bubbling Toilet
Posted by Charles Tillman on March 19, 2003 at 10:37:30:
I have a Raised Ranch with a bath upstairs and one downstairs. The clothes washer is located downstairs next to the toilet. The house is 30 years old orginal toilets.

Many times when doing laundry, when the washer goes dumps the water before going into the spin cycle, I get bubbles in the toilet. The water doesn't overflow, but bubbles. Sometimes it sucks the water out of the bowl. Also, sometimes the water will backup a little into the downstairs shower. The water usally, not always gets sucked out of the toilet after 2 or 3 loads.

I tried snaking the lines out to the tank and also took the toilet out and snaked from there with a snake and with a garden hose. It didn't work and it didn't backup with the garden hose.

I had a professional come in and snake out to the tank and it seemed to work when he tested it. After he left it started doing the same thing. 2 days later it stopped bubbling in the toilet. Then it came back and is still a problem.

The tank was pumped out, and nothing odd was found.

I've been told maybe the vent is blocked or maybe the waher is located to close to the toilet (about 2 feet). I've also been told maybe the inlet baffle is clogged and should be removed.
I've noticed that my septic fields on the right side areb't as green and the fields on the left are greener over the last several years, suggesting that the fields my have issues or that the D-box may have shifted. I'm handy, out of work and a daughter getting ready for college and I'm looking for an answer. Thank you

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