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Posted by hj on March 18, 2003 at 23:30:59:
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There should be no joints under the floor so unless someone damages a pipe, there is not reason to test it. But you can connect the lines together in the walls, which you would do anyway during the "top out" phase, and then either pressurize with water or air and leave the pressure while the concrete is poured. If the pressure drops then a line was damaged. When the tructure is almost completed, and even before that, you would have to pressure test all the lines to be sure you did not have any bad joints in the walls. Unless you are in a cold climate, once you reach that stage, you can leave the water turned on to the house.

: Can anyone advise what is the standard practice for pressure testing supply water piping both before the slab is poured, and near final construction. Thanks, Redman

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