Want to regulate H20 with readable guage just to ice maker and under sink filter, not whole house pressure. I have looked all over for can't find the regulator valve anywhere, do they exist?
Posted by Val on March 18, 2003 at 16:35:56:
We just bought a new refridgerator and also purchased an under the sink water filter cartridge system just for the refrigerator/icemaker. We need to regulate the water pressure down to 15-20 lbs with a "readable guage" just to the ice maker lines(we have wimpy pvc low pressure lines) I do not want to lower the pressure to the whole house from the main in front the yard. Yet the only thing I can find is the Watts kind for out in the yard off the main. I only want to do this under the sink to the filter and ice maker lines.........I have looked all over for this regulator type and can't find one anywhere, do they exist? HELP PLEASE! Husband won't hook the icemaker up until we find this regulator valve...the house pressure is very high and has blown all previous ice maker lines in the homes history, even copper lines. :(