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Posted by Hube on March 18, 2003 at 09:13:12:
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: I've recently started to remodel my main bathroom and feal that I've opened a can of worms.

: 1st task was / still is the cast iron tub removal. In attempting to remove the old tub I found that the exterior plywood on an outside wall in the tub stall to be wet (not damp, but wet). No leaks apparent from up above and no run off from this into the basement immeidately below. Also, no pipes above this area. The tiled wall does not appear to be in bad shape and the insulation was damp (not wet). Also on the other two (interior) walls, do not show this problem, even though there was some apparent leaking going on before I purchased the house 3 years ago.

: Question1: Could this be condensation trapped in the wall from a leak session years ago or maybe it is getting through the grout and the moisture is building up / remaining? I'll bet this wall has gotten pretty cold this year (New Hampshire).

: Question2: How do I fix or avoid this problem?

: Question3: Assuming moisture is somehow still getting through, would I have to replace this entire wall?

: Any suggestions on the course of action?

: BTW: Going to be breaking the tub up this week with a 20 pound sledge hammer!

: Thanks,
: Brian-

Check to see if you have a VAPOR barrier,installed over the interior side of the wall.(warm side) Hube

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