Basement bathroom
Posted by James on March 16, 2003 at 22:01:40:
I am adding a bathroom in my basement. I will be installing a toliet, 2 sinks, walk through shower, and a big tub in the middle. I do not think I want to use any type of pump system to pump up to city sewer system on first floor level. I will however have to cut concrete floor. I think It will be best to run all of this out to a seperate septic system. I have had soil test and it is o.k. for tank. The basement wall the bathroom will be located at is completely out of the ground. The toliet will be against outside wall, tub in the middle with shower behind and one sink on toliet side and one on opposite wall. The bathroom measures 15' from outside wall Should I tie all drains together or run seperate ones under foundation and connect outside? Will i need vent if so can i connect to upstairs vent? Should the vent be close to the last fixture? How low will drain need to be where it exits basement if farthest fixture is 15' away? Since toliet will be near wall should I cut floor and run all drains to this point. Will a ordinary water trap be o.k. for shower or is there another way to aviod cutting floor so deep beneath shower. Will I need to install valves in case of blockage to keep tub drain from backing up into shower? Is there any particular book I may purchase that will help me plan this out or any computer software available?

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