Re: Relocation of toilet by only 3"
Posted by Allan on March 16, 2003 at 16:05:24:
In response to Re: Relocation of toilet by only 3"
: : We are trying to upgrade a bath in which we have very little room to roam. The shower is currently about 5" from the edge of the toilet. A new shower enclosure will take up 3" more than the existing shower so we would like to move the toilet a small distance. I realize I will need to break or remove the existing pipe to the toilet. Is there a offset waste line which might work for me?

: What type of material is your waste pipe made from??

I am sure it is 3" metal pipe because the house was built about 1965. I have not been under the house however. I did go to my local Orchard supply and found that I could get two 4" plastic bends each of 45 degrees. When put together properly, it effectively does what I want. I also found a flex connector which could rejoin the metal and plastic as long as I break the metal low enough. What do you think?

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