Re: Compression supply valves are dripping
Posted by Torrey on March 15, 2003 at 21:00:49:
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I'm no expert, but the book "The Complete Guide To Home Plumbing" in the Black & Decker series says that compression fittings are not recommended with type L rigid copper (page 44). Compression fittings can be used with type M rigid copper and type L & K flexible copper. If you are using rigid type L copper, this may explain why they leak. Rigid type L does not bend enough for the compression fitting to work.

: I replumbed my house about 15 months ago using "L" grade copper. Under the sinks I used supply valves with compression fittings (to the 1/2" copper). Since then at least half of those valves have dripped at one time or another at the 1/2" compression fitting. None of the 150 or so sweat joints have failed.

: When one does leak I first try tightening - if that doesn't work I remove it and reinstall it and that usually works - at least for awhile.

: Is it possible that these valves are just crap? I got them at Menards. I'm now ready to go to sweated valves.

: I hate to have to cut-off any of the pipe stubs - is it possible/advisable to sweat new valves in place without removing the compression ring (that is - sweat the valve on the pipe stub that extends past the compression ring)?

: Thoughts?

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