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Posted by Quality Water Associates on March 15, 2003 at 20:52:46:
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: I am taking on the challenge of installing a water softener.

: Next to the location I am installing the softener I have a utility sink. Instead of just fastening the soften's drain hose to the side of the sink, I was wondering if I could use a standard dishwasher air gap (i.e. the one that sticks out of your kitchen sink)?

: Can anybody think of a reason why this would not work or why it shouldn't be done?

: I appreciate any feedback.

: Regards,
: Gavin

I would suggest not using it, there are much different air gaps used for water treatment equipment. Some filters flow at up to 7 gpm for 18 minutes although no 'normal' residential softener will, the usually won't go over 3.0 gpm. Use the sink. But why would you want use a dish washer air gap when you have the sink?

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