Re: Cutting Copper Pipe with an Abrasive Disc.
Posted by Hube on March 15, 2003 at 16:44:02:
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: It depends on what you are going to use the copper for. If it is for soldering and liquid distribution, then the cutter will leave a burr on the outside on one edge and the inside on the other. The outside one would have to be dressed down to insert the tubing into a fitting and the inside one reamed out to allow proper flow.

: : I have about a billion cuts to do with either 3/4" M or L. Is it feasible to put a abrasive wheel on my miter saw and cut the pipe. I would think this would be much easier and quicker than the handheld cutter.

: : Pros and cons are welcome.

: : Thanks,
: : Chris

Chris;Some jobs just aren't meant to be " easier and quicker". Unless you have access to an pipe vice, the hand held cutter is the way to go. Hube

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