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Posted by John Scates on March 15, 2003 at 09:19:27:
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What you describe may be due to a broken or deteriorated dip tube in the hot water heater. The cold water coming into a water heater is taken to the bottom by a plastic pipe (dip tube), while the hot is taken out from the top. The idea is to not let the incoming cold water pass directly across the top of the tank to the outlet, while leaving the bottom of the tank still full of heated water.

The dip tube can usually be accessed by disconnecting the cold water pipe from the tank (after shutting of the house water, of course). Designs differ, but the simplest one is just a plastic tube that rests at the bottom of the threaded hole where the cold pipe attaches. You can usually see it and pull it out with your finger.

However, because of your problem, the tube may be broken off (part or all of it fell down inside the heater), so none of it or only a piece of it may be accessible. Remove whatever is left of it in the hole, then install the replacement. You may have to check with the manufacturer of your water heater (or an experienced plumbing supply) to identify the style, size, and where to get a replacement.

- John

: Everybody (3 people,inclunding a teenager) used to be able to take fairly long showers ,10 t0 30 minutes, without running out of hot water. That is no longer the case, whoever gets in first, takes a 5 to 10 minutes shower and the water starts to get cold, and now, the next person had to wait for hot water. My tank is about 7 years old, but I don't know when the last maintenance was done(just bought the house 3 months ago). Help!!!!What's wrong with my hot water tank?

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