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Posted by hj on March 15, 2003 at 08:23:30:
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Its the "tap into them somehow" part that could be expensive, or "uneconomical". There is no way for us to tell you how that would be done or what it would cost without seeing your actual situation. Call a local general contractor to find out the total cost, or a plumber to see what he would charge for the plumbing portion, depending on whether you are going to try to do most of the conversion yourself or have it done.

: What is the most economical way to convert a closet into a bathroom? The closet is big enough to hold/build a shower, toilet and sink.

: The master bathroom is right next to this closet. So the pipes are there I just need to tap into them somewhow.

: Any tips would be appreciated.

: Thank You,

: RV

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