Re: Hot water out to greenhouse
Posted by Gary Slusser on March 14, 2003 at 14:59:11:
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: I need to run water out to our greenhouse which is located behind the stand alone garage and about 80 feet from where the water would exit the house.
: I'd like both hot and cold water. What material should I use in the trenches? Who long would I have to wait for the hot water and what amount of waste of water would I have? Would a point of service heater be a better choice? Any advice would be appreciated. I think code says only PVC, polyethylene, copper and pex for outside use but people have told me to use CPVC. What's the scoop?
: Thank you so much!

You can't run hot water through any plastic other than CPVC and (some?) PEX. The heater in the greenhouse would be the best, or you'll waste a lot of money and water heating water to have it cool in the 80+' of tubing to the greenhouse.

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