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Posted by hj on March 13, 2003 at 21:49:29:
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I would use a 100' roll of soft copper so there were no joints between the meter and the house. It will be more than adequate and a lot cheaper since the plumber just has to roll it out. If he uses 1 1/4" he will have a joint every 20 feet, and if he tries to use soft copper and roll it out, he will have to be very careful or it will kink, or flatten out, on him and give you a poor installation.

: The original post was in Feb. The length is 85". We have 2 full baths and 2 powder rooms.

: : I cannot find a previous reference to this job. How long is the water service. If it is short then 1" is all you need and $1,200 could be a good price. If it is fairly long then 1 1/4" may be required and $1,200 could be too cheap if copper is being used.

: : : So I have gotten 2 additional estimates. Both have recommended 1 - 1 1/4 copper and said 2" was excessive. The bids have varied from $600 to $1200 after the initial bid of $1800.

: : : Any additional thoughts? I think we are going to go with the lowest bid.

: : : ReCap:
: : : We are going to replace the water supply line from the main to the house. Landscaper will dig the trench. Planning on using copper. 1st estimate came in really high and recommended 2" copper (which everyone here told me was crazy for a medium size single family home).

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