Re: stuck tub stopper
Posted by hj on March 12, 2003 at 07:59:12:
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First I spray generous amounts s of WD40 down the overflow pipe several times for a day. Then I take a piece of 1/8" wire, (I use a piece of bronze brazing rod), bent into a V at one end. I slide it down the overflow and then rotate it while pulling up, until it grabs the drain plug. Then several quick upward yanks will usually release it. I have had occasions when I had to use a hammer to tap upward to get it free.

: My tub stopper is stuck in the open position. The lever will not budge, and the plunger assembly will not come out of the overflow pipe. Any advice on how to get this unstuck without breaking anything? Any idea how this happened?

: Thanks for any suggestions.

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