Re: Removing old single-handle shower faucet-help!
Posted by Tim on March 11, 2003 at 19:31:39:
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: Howdy. Just moved into an older house. The shower has a single-handle faucet that you turn counter-clockwise to turn on and adjust the temperature. When turned all the way to hot, the water was only luke-warm. A friend suggested that I remove the trim and look for a hot-water limit switch. So I did, but didn't find one. After removing everything I can figure out how to remove, I'm down to what looks like the body of the faucet with a hex head fitting around the stem. I've tried unscrewing the body, but it won't budge.

: Any hints on how to get this out? Should I take it out? Once I get it out, will I be able to put something new in without ripping in to the drywall behind the shower? The faucet is hard to describe... I can e.mail pictures if it would be helpful... I'm at Thanks! Brian


I have the same thing going on with me. My wife wants me to turn up the temperature, and I can't figure out how with my one-handle shower.

Any luck on your getting your answer?


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