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Posted by Gary Slusser on March 10, 2003 at 10:28:05:
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: Hi,

: I am going to put in a water softener and have decided to do it myself after seeing some quotes from local dealers.

: One tested the water @ 18 grains of hardness w/ hardly any iron (he did not have me bypass my whole house filter), and quoted a softener only @ $2600.

: The other tested the water w/ the filter bypassed and told us 21 grains hardness and .9ppm iron (he said that any iron over .2ppm will stain). That dealer quoted a softener and iron filter @ $2350 for both.

: Some charts I've seen online recommend a 32-40,000 grain softener. I would rather have one unit and go for the softener only so I'm not sure if I need a larger unit. I can get a 40K grain softener for $503, a 48K grain for $533, or a 64K grain for $600.

: My question is, can you have a softener that is too big? The only drawback to a larger softener that I can think of is that it will take more salt and water for regeneration, but is it worth the extra $30-100.

: Thanks for the advice.

Those that are selling the softener should be capable of answering your questions. If they won't size your softener, if I were you, I'd be careful of who you buy from but, why would you want one that's too large for your needs? Yes you can go too large or too small and if you don't get one where all the settings are owner adjustable you will use way more water than you'd have to. Flow rates are also important, you need to know how many gpm you need to treat. Water treatment dealers charge more because they serve you more, and they're there if you need service. But the $2000� is more than you should pay IMO.

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