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Posted by IDA BALLA on March 09, 2003 at 18:34:24:
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: Thanks you so much for your advice. I was so hoping that this would be ajob I could try to do myself. I apreciate the "heads up" as far as hiring a professional.
: Sharon

: Sharon,
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: : Replacing a tub fixture, unless you are experienced in plumbing skills, is the job for a plumber. They are not like a sink fixture which can be connected with flexible tubing. There may be more to the job than you may think. If the fixture is not reachable from an access door behind the fixture, it will require that the front or back wall be opened up a bit. Regardless of type of pipe, there will be pipe to cut and refit whether plastic, copper, etc. The old ones don't always come apart as easy as you may think. I would not, in any way, suggest it for a first time diy'er. Were it a sink faucet, that would possibly be another story. I'm not a plumber but I just bought a new tub fixture for our home, which I'm probably going to replace tomorrow, but I do have considerable plumbing experience.

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: : : I'm single Mom with daughter in college, i.e. not much money for plumbers (no offense). My cold water tap is stripped and the only thing showing is a brass (i think) stem approximately 2-3 inches long and a large
: : : hexagon nut behind that. I need to replace the fixture(s) but am not sure how to proceed. Do I losen the large nut and proceed from there?? Your expert advice will be GREATLY appreciated!! (Explicit instructions a must, I'm a first time "do-it-yourselfer")
: : : Thank you
: : : Penniless but persistant

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