Too much water softener...
Posted by Stewart on March 08, 2003 at 07:59:42:

I am going to put in a water softener and have decided to do it myself after seeing some quotes from local dealers.

One tested the water @ 18 grains of hardness w/ hardly any iron (he did not have me bypass my whole house filter), and quoted a softener only @ $2600.

The other tested the water w/ the filter bypassed and told us 21 grains hardness and .9ppm iron (he said that any iron over .2ppm will stain). That dealer quoted a softener and iron filter @ $2350 for both.

Some charts I've seen online recommend a 32-40,000 grain softener. I would rather have one unit and go for the softener only so I'm not sure if I need a larger unit. I can get a 40K grain softener for $503, a 48K grain for $533, or a 64K grain for $600.

My question is, can you have a softener that is too big? The only drawback to a larger softener that I can think of is that it will take more salt and water for regeneration, but is it worth the extra $30-100.

Thanks for the advice.

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